December 2019

 Astrology in Real Time!!  Sidereal Forecast!



The stars of Hercules, the Hero Kneeling, help the sun rise today.  The individual names for these stars indicate the nature of the constellation is one of The One Who Comes; The King;  The Wounded; and Who Bruises.  Those people and relationships born under these stars are highly emotional, imaginative, changeable, and proud of nature.


The wise and prudent will consider her actions and issues through this lens. 


Considering the recent statement by Pope Francis, callling out politically, we may take our age as having officially entered Aquarius, opposite Leo, the King.



The daily lights, calculated from real time at sunrise on the Pacific coast of the USA for Saturday 7 December 2019


74th Anniversary of D Day 


Last Month of 2019!!!!!


Happy Birthday Scorpio!!  



Thick snowflakes fly through the freezing air!! Only the Evergreen remains among the sleeping trees.  The earth lies in deepest darkness, cold to the touch, and the stars sparkle brighter than ever.   

Our icy late autumn sun lurks at 20 degrees of murky, hidden Scorpio.  It is the time of discovery, of plunging deep within our own hearts for buried treasure, long dead secrets, diamonds in the dross.

A frisking moon is flipping out of Pisces by mid afternoon. We are water heavy till then!!  Rejoice in that we are in tune with ourselves, our souls.

The dreams of early morning seem a little dark, but upon waking we realize we only dream of cities, buildings, houses, streets.  Such dreams have much to do with the trends and directions of our thinking, and little with our relationships.  

As our morning feels a bit scattered and loosely connected with what we set out to do today.  This is Saturday!!  Enjoy the slapdash while we observe no time limit or deadline!! By 7 01 AM Pacific time, we can't seem to decide what to do first, or what to do at all, and each lack of decision leads to a further argument.  

At 1 41 PM Seattle time the moon roars into Aries, and we are fired up to get the back burner on cooking high.  This is actually a good idea now, as the holiday approaches, we discover more that we want to do and more people to include!! 

Let's wisely listen this evening to all who have a piece to share; we have suspected tension brewing in several places and now we have the story. Listening, not talking, is key!!



This first week of Advent reminds us of Matthew, chapter 24.  In verse 36 Jesus Himself said:  'but about that day or hour no one knows, no, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.'

Why would we be concerned about The End when we are celebrating the Beginning?  Especially since we have His word that He did not know, that no one knows, but the Almighty.






Sunday celebrates the second week of Advent!!  

In Psalm 25, we find the prefect prayer to voice.  'To You, O Lord, I lift up my soul!!'

Some of us have been feeling the weight of the modern world in a personal way.  We may even have become inclined toward sadness, despair, fear!  Now is the time to remember that this fight is not ours, it never has been.  We are on the winning side, and have only to reach out to get a hand up!!

We dream deep this morning, and full!!  By 5 34 AM Pacific, we are all about surprising each other in the nicest way possible.  We really want others to be happy, to find comfort, to thrive!  All morning long, this is our theme!

After lunch in Seattle, 1 48 PM Pacific time, we find harmony, charm, and unity in fellowship.  We are most likely to discover sympathy of values and vision in a friend, and perhaps, a bit more!!

A great launch to the second week of December!!  

Let's add some chamomile to our routine before retiring, or better yet, some rose and lavender oil to our pillow!!


Haven't we got a busy Monday???

Restlessness and some anxiety are to be expected, as today is a busy and full day for everyone.  Our dreams may be upsetting, but this is the anxiety seeping in from without.   We may feel a bit irritable or scattered upon rising, which will dissolve by 6 20 AM Pacific time.  The light of day will dispel the unquiet fog!

After breakfast, 8 07 AM Seattle time, we are the recipients of good vibes and friendly smiles!  Fellowship is strong, positive, and encouraging!!  By 9 PM when the meeting start, we discover they aren't as hard to sit through, the fight doesn't take as much, as we feared!  

Just before lunch, 11 54 AM in Puget Sound, we get a pat on the back, and an older family member may join in!

Later, 5 13 PM Pacific, we are in direct connection with the turn of the tides!!

We will wisely pay very close attention to our dreams tomorrow early morning, say 1 32 AM, when we will be accessing a great deal of insight and information directly!


Tuesday days fine, and gets better!!  A breakthrough at 11 27 AM Pacific time sends us smiling into the cool wintry air.  At the lunch table we find others shedding the unnecessary, the trivial, the sour attitudes as well! It is always wise to listen, and to remain quiet, and wisest still to observe what people do, rather than trust what is said.



Wednesday brings the Cold Full moon!!

Early morning is wondrous!!  Our dreams glisten like crystal icicles in the pure snow, with images long gone gleaming before our eyes!  As dawn slowly shows the faintest glow, we have exciting ideas and impressions from those dreams which will light up our day!!

A charmed morning!

Afternoon is busy and the pace exhilarates by 12 12 PM Pacific.  We are hurried, and must be aware of possible missteps in haste by 2 11 PM.  

The full moon in winter Taurus is unexpectedly beautiful in the dark sky!  It celebrates the stark beauty of the season, promising return, and miracles!! 

This falls just after midnight of the 12th on the east coast. 





As Venus shoots through Sagittarius, we find real value in schooling, scheduling, and religious observations.  We may even begin to value our own time.  A good time to take a class or seminar!!

Mercury lurking through inquisitive, investigative Scorpio will unearth secrets and uncover buried gems.  We are wise to have already hashed out all that has arisen to shadow us, and deal with it head on now. Mercury in Scorpio puts us in deep sympathy with our own intuition, and spurs us on to investigate the Mysteries.


The sun rises to the Top of the zodiac on the 17th, and Venus climbs right behind it on the 18th, into Capricorn, just in time for a traditional Christmas.  The winter solstice is Saturday the 21st, at 8 19 PM Seattle time.  


Mercury will rocket into Sagittarius on the day after Christmas, for a wild ride!


The first new moon of the year occurs in the coldest of signs, the strange and fascinating sea goat, the day after Christmas!!


Mars into unruly Scorpio on Saturday the 28th for a wild start to 2020!!





    Our cosmic choir sings an odd sort of harmony now as we approach 2020.  All the drama and upheaval we on earth have been witnessing is due to Pluto the fitful fateful little orb which is really all heart at odds with Saturn, the lord of the rings, the king of NO!!!, the iron giant at the very edge of the natural solar boundary.  Pluto is all for shaking things up, crushing the encrustations so that the vital heartbeat can ring out and be heard.  Saturn is what keeps us standing erect.  If we had no Saturn ruled bones, we'd be puddles of protoplasm with cosmic dreams.  Each planet is so necessary for the life we know!!  As the two combine in an elbowing contest in the last degrees of Sagittarius, the Celestial Archer, sign of truth, justice, and far to seek, we witness our world being torn apart and trashed for the sake of those issues.  

     We don't expect the end of the world.  We expect a renewed and refined one!!  It is some sight that we are watching, and it will continue to hurt all who insist on throwing themselves into the fray.  This is not our fight, it never was, and we can't win it!!  We were invited as audience, as witnesses, not as participants.

    Let's remember that, and keep our feet on the ground while we watch the heavens.


     Mercury will reenter Scorpio on the 6th of December, and we are wise to have hashed out all that has arisen to shadow us by then.  Nothing is as anal as Scorpio!!


     Mars is balancing in Libra, heightening our artistic ability, appreciation of it, and enhancing our philosophical views. All things take on color, vitality, energy!!  Mars in Libra is all about art, courage of conviction, overcoming!!  What a month we can look forward to now!!


     Venus shooting through true blue Sagittarius brings beauty to the fore, and art prospers again, big time!!  Better spirits abound now!  


     Jupiter finally arrived in his own sign!!!!  The cosmic Santa Claus will bring an enormous sense of good will and some balance to our schedules, to schooling, especially higher education, to foreign affairs!  We just enjoy life more!!  Even exercise will come easier!


     Saturn in sidereal Sagittarius has shown us so much pride in our elected leaders!  We can look forward to changes in boundaries, borders, and foundational tenets. 

    Pluto has been cruising along the Celestial Horseman, disrupting education, all time schedules, religious institutions devoid of spirituality (a la Catholicism, the coming schism, and what is with Pope Francis???) and all travel to foreign shores.      


   Uranus the great cosmic hand grenade bouncing through Aries has woken the revolutionary in all of us!!  We are made aware of beheadings for a reason.  We must take into account where we are headed!!

     Neptune has so many close associations with Pisces, our own sign as it passes beyond the Gate of God.  Religious fervor, self sacrifice, martyrdom, as well as delusion, illusion, addiction to drugs and to intense emotional shocks to the system, all so evident in our daily life now as the Age gasps the final breath.  Neptune is also the planet of communism, a plague of satanic envy and destructiveness, which we now call socialism as communism light.  In Aquarius, the sign of brotherhood and ideals, this all sounds terrifically fair and workable!!  Except when we try to put it to earth and make it work materially, because it brings out the worst in human nature, not the best.  It was spawned in hell by the enemy of our kind, so how can good come from it?  Be serious.  And the Scandinavian countries are not socialist- just ask them.  They are free market economies that are heavily taxed by an emasculated middle class.



    Venus climbs to the Top of the zodiac on the 18th, Capricorn, for a traditional Christmas!!  There will be value on value!


    Mercury shoots into Sagittarius on the day after Christmas.  The sky is the limit as far as our profession goes!!  We only need to guard against shooting off our mouth.  


     Mars moves into unruly Scorpio on Saturday the 28th for a wild start to 2020!!




   Scorpio spans the distance from November 15th through December 15th.


    The stars tell us about The Wounding, The Heart of A Scorpion, Perverse, The Enemy Ruled, Bowed Down, Caused to Fail!!


      The Apostle John, the beloved, whose name literally means 'The Dove' waits here in Scorpio, witnessing all our deeds, thoughts and acts into the Book of Life of the Lamb.  With him is the Watcher star Antares, at the heart of the Scorpion, just as John himself lies upon the heart of Jesus!  Oriel the Archangel of Antares is the spirit of the west.

     One ancient wise teacher advises that the soul of every Scorpio is a battlefield.  The intense desires within battle to the finish.  Here is wisdom;  Scorpio is an eagle, as God is good!

     This sign has associations with Judas, whose kiss betrayed Jesus, and so started the journey of our salvation and redemption.  This explains how the lowly serpent is raised to the height and status of the divine eagle through salvation! 

     The angels of Mars and of Pluto are close to this sign, as are the lands in Central Canada, central America, Mexico, the Yucatan, and Honduras.  The letters from Christ to the angels of these lands still obtain.


    As Scorpio reigns, we descend to a deep understanding of sin, repentance, and redemption, bringing sympathy, empathy, and wisdom to all our endeavors.


     Judging the character by the names of the stars in the sign, the Scorpio is most concerned about The Wounding, and how Him Who Cometh will resolve The Conflict.

     Also called The Intense, Scorpio is energetic, intelligent,  jealous, possessive, hardworking, obsessive and frequently secretive.  Scorpios are either physically attractive or striking, having a strange appeal.  They are always spiritually determined, ever romantic and seldom talkative.  This is the sign most often called selfish, or self centered, which is entirely true, but only at times. How they long to be in passionate and dramatic relationships!  

    Scorpio has come to this plane to learn forgiveness.   


    The Scorpio shade is darkest maroon, burgundy, deepest red.


    The Scorpio antidote is the color turquoise!


     Scorpio energy is connected to the thymus gland, or throat chakra. This energy center allows for expressing one's heartfelt thoughts.  We all know that speaking one's truth on an emotional level can be difficult!  If Scorpio feels confronted with challenges, he just represses his heart and strikes out with venom.

     The color turquoise ignites the energy that uplifts the energies of our lower chakras into the higher, allowing movement of optimum energy flow.  This energy creates opportunities for change!


    Turquoise energy helps express emotions with conviction, without trying to please others. Use turquoise to help build up our immune system and remove toxic waste in the body. It is known to decrease congestion, so important at this time of year, flu season!!  Essential oils reflecting the turquoise color include clove, cinnamon, tea tree, thyme and clary sage.

     Any plants from the ocean, such as seaweed, kelp, dulse, or algae belong to this energy vibration. 

     Wear turquoise gemstones, including aquamarine and tourmaline, which empower our thymus gland and throat chakra!





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