Stand before the mirror and look into your own eyes.  

     Can you say this?

Before the alter of purity and truth I say before all of heaven that:

  • 1. I have not cared for my body as other than a gift of great worth.
  • 2. I have not cut short my days but lived the full time allotted to me.
  • 3. I have not been  unclean in body or mind.
  • 4. I have not loved with the body but where the heart was also.
  • 5. I have not had carnal knowledge of those forbidden me.
  • 6. I have not despised to the sword or the distaff.
  • 7. I have not neglected the lesser brethern of the earth.
  • 8. I have not stolen.
  • 9. I have not taken food and drink to excess.
  • 10. I have not murdered.
  • 11. I have not spoken unjustly of another.
  • 12. I have not been envious.
  • 13. I have not been jealous.
  • 14. I have not told lies.
  • 15. I have not been lazy.
  • 16. I have not profaned the Mysteries.
  • 17. I have not been prideful.
  • 18. I have not strayed from the path ordained for me.
  • 19. I have not lusted for precious metals.
  • 20. I have not been worldly.
  • 21. I have not been unjust in my business dealings.
  • 22. I have not unpaid debt.
  • 23. I have not withheld charity from the needy.
  • 24. I have not lied to gain from others.
  • 25. I have not used laughter as a weapon.  
  • 26. I have not turned my back on humanity.
  • 27. I have not hated another to the exclusion of all else.
  • 28. I have not lent my body to demons.
  • 29. I have not been other than a joy to my parents.
  • 30. I have not dishonored any faith that is of the Light.
  • 31. I have not disturbed the peace of the Gods.
  • 32. I have not rejected advice given in love.
  • 33. I have not listened to that not meant for mine ears.
  • 34. I have not forgotten my faith or my Light.
  • 35. I have not forsaken those weaker than I when they needed me.
  • 36. I have not enslaved another.
  • 37. I have not turned aside from the mirror of Self.
  • 38. I have not taken the works of another as my own.
  • 39. I havae not forgotten that life ends only to begin.
  • 40. I have not abused the defenseless.
  • 41. I have not worked man nor beast beyond their strength.
  • 42. I have not betrayed my oath.

     This is the negative confession said by those who Seek in the temple of Bast in Egypt, when the world was young and we were in touch with heaven.  Later it became the list of Thou Shalt Nots commonly known to us and frequently quoted in church.  The important thing is that we be able to say it honestly;  there will be a test at the end, while we stand amid the stars of Cygnus.  We want to pass with flying crystal colors!


     But suppose we aren't able to make this negative confession honestly?  In ancient times we'd be off to Draco and be dismembered in Spirit by the monsters of destruction waiting there to recycle our better parts;  but my friends and fellow star travelers, times have most definitely changed.

     The tip off should be the fact that Bast and Maat, all the gods of judgment, ask for a negative confession.  They want to highlight not what we did, what we affirm, but what we have said No to;  remember the story of the Lady and the Serpent, and how she sidestepped the whole issue of truth and authority by not saying No!!  As women especially, our job is to say no as many times as possible to our toddlers;  to the horndogs who hound us; to the thousand miserable spirits who hurl the unutterable at us on a daily basis.  

     So simple, this magickal word!!  So seldom used!!  If we want to banish evil from our world, we need to say it quite often.

     Yes I know your argument;  but Mary the Mother of God didn't say no, and neither did Mary of Magdalene, if she is indeed His wife.  We need to say no to wrong obviously and to wrong only.  Is it really that hard to figure out?  Is it Right and Good that defeat you, or is it your desire nature being so persuasive??? 

Follow God

    Obey the law

   Worship locally

  Respect your parents

   Be in awe of justice

Know what you have learned

   Perceive what you have heard 

Be yourself

  Intend to get married

Know your opportunity

 Think as a mortal

  If you are a stranger act like one

 Honor the hearth (or Hestia)

  Control yourself

Help your friends

 Control anger

   Exercise prudence

Honor providence

  Do not use an oath

 Love friendship

 Cling to discipline

 Pursue honor

 Long for wisdom

 Praise the good

 Find fault with no one

 Praise virtue

Practice what is just

 Be kind to friends

 Watch out for your enemies

 Exercise nobility of character

Shun evil

Be impartial

 Guard what is yours

  Shun what belongs to others

 Listen to everything

Be (religiously) silent

Do a favor for a friend

Nothing to excess

  Use time sparingly

  Foresee the future

  Despise insolence

  Have respect for supplicants

 Be accommodating in everything

 Educate your children

Share what you have

  Fear deceit

Speak well of everyone

  Be a seeker of wisdom

Choose what is divine

   Act when you know

 Shun murder

 Pray for things possible

 Consult the wise

   Test the character

    Give back what you have received

    Look down upon no one

   Use your skills 

   Do what you mean to do

   Honor a benefactor

   Be jealous of no one

    Be on your guard

   Praise hope

   Despise a slanderer

Gain possessions justly

  Honor good men

Know the judge

Throw parties

 Recognize fortune

 Flee a pledge

  Speak plainly

Associate with your peers

   Govern your expenses

 Be happy with what you have

   Revere a sense of shame

 Fulfill a favor

 Pray for happiness

 Be fond of fortune

Observe what you have heard

  Work for what you can own

 Despise strife

    Detest disgrace

 Restrain the tongue

  Keep yourself from insolence

  Make just judgments

  Use what you have

  Judge incorruptibly

    Accuse one who is present, not absent

 Tell what you know

   Do not depend on strength

  Live without sorrow

 Live together meekly

 Finish the race without shrinking back

    Deal kindly with everyone

 Do not curse your kids

    Rule your self

 Benefit yourself

    Be courteous

   Give a timely response

 Struggle with glory

 Act without repenting

 Repent of sins

Control the eye

   Give a timely counsel

   Act quickly

 Guard friendship

 Be grateful

 Pursue harmony

 Keep deeply anothers secret

Fear manipulators

Pursue what is profitable

 Accept due measure

  Do away with enmities  

Accept old age

Do not boast in might

 Exercise (religious) silence

  Flee enmity

    Acquire wealth justly

   Do not abandon honor

   Despise evil   

Venture into danger prudently 

Do not tire of learning

   Do not stop to be thrifty

    Admire oracles

  Love whom you rear

  Do not oppose someone absent

Respect old age

   Teach a youngster

 Do not trust wealth

Respect yourself

   Do not begin to be insolent

    Crown your ancestors

   Be willing to die for your country

  Do not be discontented by life

  Do not make fun of the dead

   Share the load of the unfortunate   

Gratify without harming

  Grieve for no one   

Beget from noble routes

    Make promises to no one

    Do not wrong the dead

 Be well off as a mortal

 Do not trust fortune

 As a child be well-behaved

As a youth be self-disciplined

 As of middle-age be jus   

As an elder be sensible

    On reaching the end be without sorrow


The Christian Reformation, the Birth of Protestantism, Giving Voice to The Divine Word 

     Luther nailed his 99 theses to the door of the church at Wittenburg, now in Germany, on October 31st, All Saints Eve, in 1517. A breath of fresh air!!

    The sun is at the karmic 29th degree of Aries in the second house;  expiation is required of the head (Aries) or the organized church, due to possessions, riches, values, and real estate.  The message is going to be carried with iron and fire as Mars is just behind the sun, both in Libra, both bad aspected in the sign of harmony and justice. This is why the Reformation was so bloody and went so badly;  it was poorly birthed.  

     Venus and Mercury in Scorpio tell us that the Mysteries have been treated like possessions, instead of like Mysteries, knowledge of the holiest kind being bartered for favors.  The moon is opposing Mercury in the eighth house;  the Moon is We The People, and in the eighth house we have become possessions.  

    How horrific the fighting, how oceanic the bloodshed, how unholy the rift in the human family!  The church Catholic has a lot to answer for;  glad I won't be in the popes' shoes at the Gate!



The Nag Hammodi texts were discovered in December 1947; the world entered a great period of discovery, redemption and promise!







Your Rosary-           Find It!

                                      Use It!

                                              Save The World!!

Cherish life,  do not kill

Harm it none do what you will

Heart and soul, the peaceful way

Aware of what you do and say

Love and heal do your best

Careful what you manifest

Your true path your spirit knows

The spiral sacred garden grows Love and light

Forgiveness belongs to Pisces, to the feet; in forgiving we shed the old dust and tread a new path.

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