How Do I Know??? How Can I Make The Right Decision? How Do I Know????

Wisdom says, in all honesty about herself, and her own glory in the midst of Her people:


In the congregation of the most High shall I open My mouth, and triumph before His power.

I came out of the mouth of the most High, and covered the earth as a cloud.

I dwelt in high places, and My throne is in a cloudy pillar.

I alone compassed the circuit of heaven, and walked in the bottom of the deep.

In the waves of the sea and in all the earth, and in every people and nation, I got a possession.

With all these I sought rest: and in whose inheritance shall I abide?

So the Creator of all things gave Me a commandment, and he that made Me caused My tabernacle to rest, and said, Let thy dwelling be in Jacob, and
thine inheritance in Israel.

He created Me from the beginning before the world, and I shall never fail.

In the holy tabernacle I served before him; and so was I established in Sion.

Likewise in the beloved city he gave Me rest, and in Jerusalem was My power.

And I took root in an honourable people, even in the portion of the Lord's inheritance.

I was exalted like a cedar in Libanus, and as a cypress tree upon the mountains of Hermon.

I was exalted like a palm tree in En-gaddi, and as a rose plant in Jericho, as a fair olive tree in a pleasant field, and grew up as a plane tree by the

I gave a sweet smell like cinnamon and aspalathus, and I yielded a pleasant odour like the best myrrh, as galbanum, and onyx, and sweet storax,
and as the fume of frankincense in the tabernacle.

As the turpentine tree I stretched out My branches, and my branches are the branches of honour and grace.

As the vine brought I forth pleasant savour, and My flowers are the fruit of honour and riches.

I am the mother of fair love, and fear, and knowledge, and holy hope: I therefore, being eternal, am given to all my children which are named of him.

Come unto Me, all ye that be desirous of Me, and fill yourselves with My fruits.

For My memorial is sweeter than honey, and Mine inheritance than the honeycomb.

They that eat Me shall yet be hungry, and they that drink Me shall yet be thirsty.

He that obeyeth Me shall never be confounded, and they that work by Me shall not do amiss.

All these things are the book of the covenant of the most high God, even the law which Moses commanded for an heritage unto the congregations of

Faint not to be strong in the Lord; that he may confirm you, cleave unto him: for the Lord Almighty is God alone, and beside him there is no other

He filleth all things with his Wisdom, as Phison and as Tigris in the time of the new fruits.

He maketh the understanding to abound like Euphrates, and as Jordan in the time of the harvest.

He maketh the doctrine of knowledge appear as the light, and as Geon in the time of vintage.

The first man knew Her not perfectly: no more shall the last find her out.

For Her thoughts are more than the sea, and her counsels profounder than the great deep.

I also came out as a brook from a river, and as a conduit into a garden.

I said, I will water my best garden, and will water abundantly My garden bed: and, lo, My brook became a river, and My river became a sea.

I will yet make doctrine to shine as the morning, and will send forth Her light afar off.

I will yet pour out doctrine as prophecy, and leave it to all ages for ever.

Behold that I have not laboured for myself only, but for all them that seek Wisdom.

My child, from your youth embrace discipline; thus will you find wisdom with graying hair. 

As though plowing and sowing, draw close to her; then await her bountiful crops.  

For in cultivating her you will labor but little, and soon you will eat of her fruits. 

How irksome she is to the unruly! The fool cannot abide her. 

She will be like a burdensome stone to test him, and he will not delay in casting her aside. 

For discipline is like her name, she is not accessible to many. 

Listen, my child, and heed my advice; refuse not my counsel. 

Put your feet into her fetters, and your neck under her yoke. 

Stoop your shoulders and carry her and be not irked at her bonds. 

With all your soul draw close to her; with all your strength keep her ways. 

Search her out, discover her; seek her and you will find her.  Then when you have her, do not let her go; 

Thus will you afterward find rest in her, and she will become your joy. 

Her fetters will be your throne of majesty; her bonds, your purple cord. 

You will wear her as your robe of glory, bear her as your splendid crown.

The Way According to Mary, According In Her Own Words

The Gospel According to Mary Magdalene


[The Gospel of Mary]

Chapter 4

(Pages 1 to 6 of the manuscript, containing chapters 1 - 3, are lost.  The
extant text starts on page 7...)

. . . Will matter then be destroyed or not?

22) The Savior said, All nature, all formations, all creatures exist in and with one another, and they will be resolved again into their own roots.

23) For the nature of matter is resolved into the roots of its own nature alone.

24) He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

25) Peter said to him, Since you have explained everything to us, tell us this also: What is the sin of the world?

26) The Savior said There is no sin, but it is you who make sin when you do the things that are like the nature of adultery, which is called sin.

27) That is why the Good came into your midst, to the essence of every nature in order to restore it to its root.

28) Then He continued and said, That is why you become sick and die, for you are deprived of the one who can heal you.

29) He who has a mind to understand, let him understand.

30) Matter gave birth to a passion that has no equal, which proceeded from something contrary to nature. Then there arises a disturbance in its whole

31) That is why I said to you, Be of good courage, and if you are discouraged be encouraged in the presence of the different forms of nature.

32) He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

33) When the Blessed One had said this, He greeted them all,saying, Peace be with you. Receive my peace unto yourselves.

34) Beware that no one lead you astray saying Lo here or lo there! For the Son of Man is within you.

35) Follow after Him!

36) Those who seek Him will find Him.

37) Go then and preach the gospel of the Kingdom.

38) Do not lay down any rules beyond what I appointed you, and do not give a law like the lawgiver lest you be constrained by it.

39) When He said this He departed.

Chapter 5

1) But they were grieved. They wept greatly, saying, How shall we go to the Gentiles and preach the gospel of the Kingdom of the Son of Man? If they did
not spare Him, how will they spare us?

2) Then Mary stood up, greeted them all, and said to her brethren, Do not weep and do not grieve nor be irresolute, for His grace will be entirely with
you and will protect you.

3) But rather, let us praise His greatness, for He has prepared us and made us into Men.

4) When Mary said this, she turned their hearts to the Good, and they began to discuss the words of the Savior.

5) Peter said to Mary, Sister we know that the Savior loved you more than the rest of woman.

6) Tell us the words of the Savior which you remember which you know, but we do not, nor have we heard them.

7) Mary answered and said, What is hidden from you I will proclaim to you.

8) And she began to speak to them these words: I, she said, I saw the Lord in a vision and I said to Him, Lord I saw you today in a vision. He answered and
said to me,

9) Blessed are you that you did not waver at the sight of Me. For where the mind is there is the treasure.

10) I said to Him, Lord, how does he who sees the vision see it, through the soul or through the spirit?

11) The Savior answered and said, He does not see through the soul nor through the spirit, but the mind that is between the two that is what sees the
vision and it is [...]

(pages 11 - 14 are missing from the manuscript)

Chapter 8:

. . . it.

10) And desire said, I did not see you descending, but now I see you ascending. Why do you lie since you belong to me?

11) The soul answered and said, I saw you. You did not see me nor recognize me. I served you as a garment and you did not know me.

12) When it said this, it (the soul) went away rejoicing greatly.

13) Again it came to the third power, which is called ignorance.

14) The power questioned the soul, saying, Where are you going? In wickedness are you bound. But you are bound; do not judge!

15) And the soul said, Why do you judge me, although I have not judged?

16) I was bound, though I have not bound.

17) I was not recognized. But I have recognized that the All is being dissolved, both the earthly things and the heavenly.

18) When the soul had overcome the third power, it went upwards and saw the fourth power, which took seven forms.

19) The first form is darkness, the second desire, the third ignorance, the fourth is the excitement of death, the fifth is the kingdom of the flesh, the
sixth is the foolish wisdom of flesh, the seventh is the wrathful wisdom. These are the seven powers of wrath.

20) They asked the soul, Whence do you come slayer of men, or where are you going, conqueror of space?

21) The soul answered and said, What binds me has been slain, and what turns me about has been overcome,

22) and my desire has been ended, and ignorance has died.

23) In a aeon I was released from a world, and in a Type from a type, and from the fetter of oblivion which is transient.

24) From this time on will I attain to the rest of the time, of the season, of the aeon, in silence.

Chapter 9

1) When Mary had said this, she fell silent, since it was to this point that the Savior had spoken with her.

2) But Andrew answered and said to the brethren, Say what you wish to say about what she has said. I at least do not believe that the Savior said this.
For certainly these teachings are strange ideas.

3) Peter answered and spoke concerning these same things.

4) He questioned them about the Savior: Did He really speak privately with a woman and not openly to us? Are we to turn about and all listen to her? Did
He prefer her to us?

5) Then Mary wept and said to Peter, My brother Peter, what do you think? Do you think that I have thought this up myself in my heart, or that I am
lying about the Savior?

6) Levi answered and said to Peter, Peter you have always been hot tempered.

7) Now I see you contending against the woman like the adversaries.

8) But if the Savior made her worthy, who are you indeed to reject her? Surely the Savior knows her very well.

9) That is why He loved her more than us. Rather let us be ashamed and put on the perfect Man, and separate as He commanded us and preach the
gospel, not laying down any other rule or other law beyond what the Savior said.

10) And when they heard this they began to go forth to proclaim and to preach.



The Gospel According to Mary

      Has Jesus returned, at least in the etheric plane?  Many say, yes;  the Wise know that He has been visible plainly in the etheric since the planet was born.  There has never been a time when the Christ has unavailable to those who seek Him.  Never.  Even the ancients knew Him as Hermes, and spoke of Him frequently.  Perhaps through a glass darkly, but nonetheless with recognition of what they were seeing and Who it was they saw.

     Look up into the night sky and find Cygnus;  it won't be easy but with some effort, between June and October, you will see the Cross!  The mystery of the Cross or the Crucifix is not that Jesus of Nazareth died on one;  it is a far older symbol, used long before his birth and death.  

     The Mystery of the Cross is that it situates and brings together heaven with earth forever;  it is the promise of restoration and resurrection of the earth pre flood, pre death, pre sin.  

     The Christ has never left the building!!


     Resist the urge to deny what you Know!




     Will then Jesus the Christ not return in the flesh, as He promised, at the end of time, to execute Judgment on the world?

     Will you die one day?  What do you think will happen then?  He will return for you in the flesh, just like He promised, and execute judgment on your world.


     If you are waiting for Armegeddon, or HarMageddon, or the end of the world, read the Book of Revelations again.  Think it over carefully.  This is describing a spiritual battle, one already fought and won by God the Almighty.  

     Get a grip, use your credit cards wisely, and act like adult responsible grown up Christians;  the Lord is not coming to save your from your follies and foolishness.  He already gave you the example to save yourself a lot of grief by following Him!




Your Rosary-     Find It!

                            Use It!

                                Save The World!!




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