Seek Me

Seek Me in the forests
in the stillness
in the quiet
in the twilight
in the House of your spirit, built by Our Spirit
where I will refresh your soul
where I will rest you in your sleep of death
fear Me not, fear nothing in this life 
or in the next
for you are Mine own
from before the beginning
past the end
and I will never forsake you.

My only altar, your heart.



Hail, star of the sea, 

Nurturing Mother of God,
And ever Virgin
Happy gate of Heaven.

Receiving that "Ave" (hail)
From the mouth of Gabriel,
Establish us in peace,
Transforming the name of "Eva" (Eve).

Loosen the chains of the guilty,
Send forth light to the blind,
Our evil do thou dispel,
Entreat (for us) all good things.

Show thyself to be a Mother:
Through thee may He receive prayer
Who, being born for us,
Undertook to be thine own.

O unique Virgin,
Meek above all others,
Make us, set free from (our) sins,
Meek and chaste.

Bestow a pure life,
Prepare a safe way:
That seeing Jesus,
We may ever rejoice.

Praise be to God the Father,
To the Most High Christ (be) glory,
To the Holy Spirit
(Be) honour, to the Three equally. Amen.




The Anthem in English


Called: Star of the Sea, We Hail Thee
(This is an English translation of the Acadian National Hymn. The first verse and last verse are still in Latin:)

Ave Maris Stella
Dei Mater Alma
Atque Semper Virgo
Felix Coeli Porta
Felix Coeli Porta

Acadia my homeland
To your name I draw myself
My life, my faith belong to you
You will protect me
You will protect me

Acadia my homeland
My land and my challenge
From near, from far you hold onto me
My heart is Acadian
My heart is Acadian

Acadia my homeland
I live your history
I owe you my pride
I believe in your future
I believe in your future

Ave Maris Stella
Dei Mater Alma
Atque Semper Virgo
Felix Coeli Porta
Felix Coeli Porta

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