Who is the third person of the triune Deity, really?  The Scripture speaks very definitely of Wisdom as a Divine Personage, Sophia (click here to read the whole text in the bible) who descended to earth, took on all forms including that of Holy Mother, going on into incarnations.  She was Isis and Mary Mother of Jesus, and possibly Mary of Magdalene.  

     To some this sounds like the boarder of crazytown;  perhaps they should check their Book of Sirch, Ecclesiastes, in the Old Testament, and some other interesting lines.

     For what should we be looking toward Her?  Should we seek to be an imitation of Her, as ancient writ suggests?  Or do we bring out what She has placed within us as an unfoldment of Her plans?  What the hell are Her plans anyway, that this planet is such a mess???

     The Battle of Lepanto, won by the reception and recitation of the Rosary on October 7, 1571 at 4 PM local time, sent by Our Lady Herself, with instructions supplied and recitation requested.  Interesting, no?

     Neptune is right there in the important fourth house, the end of the story, the answer to the question; who won and why?  She did, because She was there and that's the way She wanted it.  










     I too have a hard time understanding how Our Lady, the source of love, beauty, holiness, could possibly take part in carnage, slaughter, or war, and actually be considered to having taken a side in the fray;  it's unthinkable.  It's blasphemous, if it weren't so ludicrous.  Yet, I forget, like all those encased in flesh, that death is not an end, but a fresh start;  battles are not of this earth, either.

Her Own Birthdate

     The traditionally accepted birth date of Our Lady is September 8th;  this makes her a sidereal Virgo, and while it seems to fit ok, especially the Neptune rising in Libra, I think the rest of it is just a little too pat.  Especially that Libra moon in the seventh;  though I suppose this could be just the manifestation of the need in me to argue with the Jesuits.

My soul magnifies the Creator 

and my spirit rejoices in the Almighty Spirit; 

because We have regarded the loveliness of all creation.

Know that all generations shall call this earth blessed; 

because We who are eternal continue to do great things for earth,  

we proclaim that Our name is Holy

and bestow mercy from generation to generation 

on those who tread lightly upon the surface of the earth.


     I prefer this date of birth for Mary our Mother;  it is pretty obvious why!

     She is a Pisces in both lights, yet with the strong tidal influences far away enough from each other to insure the best is brought out, not the worst, or for them to cancel out each other.  She is what She is, what you feel is what you get!  Her mind, Mercury, is progressive Aquarius just into the house of The Mysteries;  no secrets, just resignation to what must become of the world She beholds.  

     Aries rising at 0 degrees, a new beginning!!  In the descendant we have Libra at 0 degrees, all fair and above board, all weighed honestly, all up to us, The Others.

     Venus is in the first house.  In Aries, the Rose doesn't attract romance;  neither does She in the role of Mother of the universe.

     Neptune in the ninth in Sagittarius, we have a new law;  conjunct Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, it is important, far reaching, and world changing!!

     Pluto in the eighth in Scorpio, retrograde, and we know that the Prisoners are Her prisoners, and that because of Her, there is hope for them too.  Remember that, next time you wish someone in hell!

     Uranus in the second house of Taurus, tells of the ebb and flow of Her fortune in the rich lands.  The Vatican is the richest state on earth isn't it???  How do you think it got that way?  She doesn't need the contributions you make into the basket;  that sum doesn't reach the poor, either.  (Sigh.)  

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